Development Indicators: Molino, Bacoor, Cavite


Before, our municipality can be called as a rural area because it lacks standards as an urban area.  When my auntie moved in Cavite, there are only few houses in each subdivision and there is a wide area of grassland everywhere.The feeling that a killer is following you, especially when you walked on the road at night, will always be there. There were few establishments at that time, maybe one to two fastfood chains in the way, then there’s none. The plaza that was established long time ago was almost closed,only DVD sellers are there to sell their DVDs at a very low price, because there are only few buyers.

Today, the municipality of Bacoor in Cavite is more than just a typical rural area. It has been developed this past few years and development was successfully seen by the resident in each Barangay. The projects of the previous mayor and barangay captains were properly implemented. The current mayor, Mayor Strike Revilla, launched many activities that helped the community. One of his projects is the newly public high school in Barangay Molino. Currently there are 3 public high schools in Bacoor. It greatly helped the people, especially parents, because the municipality is willing to subsidise for the school tuition fees of their sons and daughters. Last week, the mayor cooperated with the Home Owners Association of each subdivision in Bacoor. Issues about the construction of playgrounds and light post in every subdivision was carefully planned and targeted to be implemented before 2012.

In addition, development indicators were seen in our municipality and barangay. Fastfood chains like McDo, Jollibee, Chowking and Mang Inasal are everywhere. Rural and commercial banks are present. SM Hypermarket Molino was named after our Barangay and it was different from SM Bacoor located near Imus. Resorts are also available in Barangay Molino. Famous beaches are located also in other barangays of Bacoor. Apartelles and a newly built hotel in front of SM Molino are built for people who like to stay in Bacoor for a couple of days. Grocery stores such as Emilu’s and Malvar’s are also available with lots of foods, drinks and even house needs materials such as mops and brooms. Private institutions and universities such as University of Perpetual Help, Statefields School and Divine Light Academy are also enrolled by those in higher life status in Molino, Bacoor, Cavite.

Barangay Molino has lots of things to offer because the municipality became a better place to live in. It has reached the standards of a City and it has almost the same development indicators found in Manila and other nearby cities. Development was seen within a decade and it transforms into a place full of establishments and parks. The good thing is that Bacoor conserved its resources properly and the municipality is developing while protecting the environment itself.


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